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In light of the most recent controversy surrounding everybody's favourite e-celeb, Chris Chan, I was inspired to make an RPG about some of the more amusing elements of his life. This demo was put together in four days and shows the first chapter of the Chris Chan, creator of Sonichu, before be even had the name Christian.

If you'd like me to continue this silly project, please let me know. I'll update this game periodically with new content. The next planned chapter will begin Chris's online adventures and feature showdowns with Adam Stackhouse and Clyde Cash.

If you find any bugs, please feel free to DM me and let me know.


  • Arrow Keys: Movement
  • Z: Confirm
  • X: Open Menu/Back

Follow me here, over on Itch.io and on Twitter (@EnkianGames) for updates.


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Chris Chan RPG v0.1 Wndows.zip 69 MB
Chris Chan RPG v0.1 HTML5.zip 12 MB


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I need more!

this is amazing, brings me back and the story is uneatable!

which rpg maker version is this?

It’s MV, but I’ve changed a couple of settings and used some add-ons.

As someone who stopped following this waaaaay back, right after the "sweet times" vid, the last week has been a roller-coaster of a catch up. Even when I'm not going out of my way to haha.

Looking forward to this adding to that. But also not looking forward to it. Because reaching the end of this game kinda scares me haha.


Don’t worry, it’s only a demo so far and doesn’t get even close to “the incident” yet!