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A Cursed Enkian, Kon, sets out on a journey across the Land of Enki to rescue the Princess of Naturia, Nayra, from the Evil Sorcerer, King Blazer.

Armed with his trusty sword, a bag full of bombs and the determination of a man who has everything to gain, Kon must journey across through the Kingdom of Naturia slaying everything that gets in his path and finding as much treasure as he can on his way.

Land of Enki is an action-platformer with hints of adventure. Inspired by classic SNES games along with elements from many Mario and Zelda games, the game is filled with enemies and secrets as well as three tough boss fights.


  • Various weapons and treasure chests to find.
  • Many secret areas and hidden chests to uncover.
  • Lets you avoid most enemies or kill them all, your choice!
  • Bright, colourful, SNES-inspired, pixel-art graphics.
  • Excellent soundtrack fitting the theme of the tropical land.
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VoidForce on Twitter - Writer/Artist

wooood on Newgrounds - Programmer

LloydeSorrow on Newgrounds - Musician

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Published2 years ago
Tagsboss-fights, pixels, secrets, upgrades, weapons
Player countSingleplayer